About SAB&T BEE and our Services

11 Aug About SAB&T BEE and our Services

SAB&T BEE offers a range of services and solutions to clients who are looking for BBBEE clarification or assistance. Our holding company, Nexia SAB&T INC, we are one of the largest black-owned Auditing and Accounting firms in South Africa and the JSE listed Sasfin Commercial Solutions also hold interest in our business.

Our company is able to offer businesses guidance on the latest BEE codes. BEE is not legislated against any company but many business owners are discovering that BEE verification can form a positive component of a company’s future marketing and growth strategy.

Our company is well versed in the mechanics of the Revised BEE codes  due to our involvement from the very first inception of the Draft Codes of Good Practice. We are also a founding member of the industry’s professional body – the Association of BEE Professionals (ABP). With this experience we strive to be the most preferred BBBEE services company in South Africa and are able to offer clients the following services:
•    BBBEE Verifications
•    Consulting – Strategy Planning
•    BBBEE Training
•    BBBEE Outsourced solutions (making us your BEE department!)
•    Consulting – File Preparation
•    Gap Analysis
•    Scenario Planning

We can assist companies of varying size, industry and turnover. Categories of business fall into mainly 3 categories, under the Revised Codes:
Exempt Micro Enterprise BEE (Annual turnover of R10 million or less)
Qualifying Small Enterprise BEE (Annual turnover R10 million to R50 million)
Large Enterprise BEE (Annual turnover of R50 million or More)

There are elements of the revised codes which require long term planning to change and this is where our strategy planning service can prove invaluable to businesses wanting clarity on the elements, how they currently measure and what changes they can make.

We have offices in all 9 provinces and are ready to assist you. Feel free to contact us if you require more information on BEE and BBBEE Verification.

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