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About SAB&T BEE Services

SAB&T BEE Services, together with our holding company, the JSE listed Sasfin Commercial Solutions, are focused on ensuring that BBBEE is not perceived as a compliance requirement, but instead as an integral component of a business’ marketing and growth strategy. It is important to note that the B-BBEE Act is not legislated against any company – but rather that government institutions and para-statals are required to comply. Click here to view our BEE Certificate.


SAB&T BEE Services’ team has been involved in the BEE environment from the inception of the Draft Codes of Good Practice, through the period of public feedback, to the gazetting of the final Codes in February 2007.

We are well-versed in the mechanics of the Revised Bee Codes and BEE, and also understand the background and rationale that inspired them. As one of the first role players in this embryonic industry, SAB&T BEE Services was instrumental in the formation of the local BEE forum and was a founding member of the industry’s professional body – the Association of BEE Verification Agencies (ABVA).

SAB&T BEE Vision


SAB&T BEE SERVICES strives to be the most preferred BBBEE services company in South Africa.

SAB&T BEE Solutions


SAB&T BEE SERVICES can offer our clients solutions to their BBBEE needs, which include:


  • BBBEE Verifications
  • Consulting – Strategy Planning
  • BBBEE Training
  • BBBEE Outsourced solutions (making us your BEE department!)
  • Consulting – File Preparation
  • Gap Analysis
  • Scenario Planning


Any company that is consulted to cannot be verified by SAB & T as this would constitute a conflict of interest. However, if once verified, the Measured Entity feels that the score achieved could be improved upon, we would welcome the opportunity to assist with this.


Pascal Lagesse

Managing Director

Raginie Sukreben

Admin Manager

Abisha Katerere

Marketing Manager

Keryn Gengan

Verification Manager

SAB&T BEE Confidentiality & Impartiality




SAB&T BEE SERVICES may acquire sensitive information concerning THE CLIENT’S business or affairs in the course of delivering the Verification Services. All information which is disclosed to SAB&T BEE SERVICES, whether directly or indirectly, advertently or inadvertently, during the period of engagement or otherwise, is confidential to THE CLIENT, whether or not it is marked “confidential”. The disclosure of this information by SAB&T BEE SERVICES to anyone else and/or the use by SAB&T BEE SERVICES of this information could be damaging to THE CLIENT. (“the confidential information”). The result or score of the verification audit may be disclosed to the public as per current legislation, but information gathered and analysed in completing the verification may not.


SAB&T BEE SERVICES undertakes, on its own behalf, and on behalf of those of its employees and directors who are provided with the confidential information, and in perpetuity, to keep the confidential information in the strictest confidence. This clause shall not apply where confidential information is made public, through no fault of SAB&T BEE SERVICES, or where SAB&T BEE SERVICES may be required to disclose it to its insurers, legal advisers or is placed under a legal duty to disclose as per current legislation. SAB&T BEE SERVICES is also required to retain ownership of the certificate and reserves the right to make public the certificate and the overall score of THE CLIENT to the DTI and to the Industry Body, ABVA. SAB&T BEE SERVICES agrees to keep confidential all methodologies, technology, processes, know-how and other verification models or skills used by SAB&T BEE SERVICES to carry out the Verification Services.




SAB&T BEE SERVICES is committed to the principles of impartiality – this means “the actual or perceived presence of objectivity which means conflicts of interest do not exist or are resolved”. The most common form of conflict could arise out of consulting and verifying the same client which opens up the threat of self interest, self review, familiarity and / or intimidation.


As a result, SAB&T BEE SERVICES has taken careful measures to explain to clients that they will either be consulted to with the outcome of a strategic needs analysis, or they will be verified, in which case the outcome is a verification certificate through SAB&T BEE SERVICES. This principle of impartiality should inspire confidence in the measured entity that the outcome of their work is an accurate, objective transformation score.

SAB&T BEE Services is a SANAS approved BEE Verification Agency

SAB&T BEE Appeals & Complaints


SAB&T BEE SERVICES acknowledges that there is a possibility that the client might wish to appeal their rating and that they have the right to do so within reason.   Similarly, should a client or any stakeholder feel dissatisfied in any way with the verification process, then this too needs to be assessed by SAB&T BEE SERVICES with the view to ensuring that there is quick and mutually agreeable resolution, using at all times objective and impartial staff who have not to date been involved and are not planned to be involved with the ME at any point.




If a client wishes to appeal their score they would be required to follow the process which includes:


  • Fill in the VERIFICATION SCORE APPEAL FORM (IS – M6a) which is available on our website under “Downloads” and send to admin@nullsabtbee.co.za or fax to 0865008922.
  • SAB&T BEE Services shall acknowledge receipt of the appeal and provide the appellant with progress reports and the outcome.
  • The decisions to be communicated to the appellant shall be made by, or reviewed by, individual(s) not involved in the matter that is the subject of the appeal.
  • SAB&T BEE Services shall give the appellant formal notice of the end of the appeals-handling process.
  • All appeals shall be resolved in a timely manner by SAB&T BEE Services.
  • An appeal shall be resolved within a maximum of 30 days of the initial lodging of the appeal.




A user of the results of the verification of a BBBEE-verified measured entity can expect to have any complaints investigated and if these are determined to be valid, have confidence that the complaints shall be appropriately addressed and that a reasonable effort shall be made to resolve the complaint in a timely manner. The effective resolution of complaints is an important means of protection for the BEE Verification Agency, its verified measured entities and other users against errors, omissions or unreasonable behaviour. Confidence in verification activities is safeguarded when complaints are processed appropriately.


The complaints handling process is as follows:


  • The client will fill in the Complaints form (IS M6B) which can be found on our website under “Downloads” tab and send to admin@nullsabtbee.co.za or fax 0865008922
  • SAB&T BEE Services shall be responsible for gathering and verifying all the necessary information to validate the complaint.
  • Whenever possible, SAB&T BEE Services shall acknowledge receipt of the complaint, and provide the complainant with progress reports and the outcome.
  • The decisions to be communicated to the complainant shall be made by, or reviewed by, individual(s) not involved in the matter that is the subject of the complaint.
  • SAB&T BEE Services shall give the complainant formal notice of the end of the complaints-handling process.
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