BEE and Transformation

03 Mar BEE and Transformation

Broad–based black economic empowerment or BBBEE is very much an integral part of our country’s transformation and economic policy. It is aimed to promote inclusive growth.

It is hoped that transformation will not just be for certain individuals but, will be implemented across South Africa to ensure a positive impact for as many citizens as possible.

BEE is not just transformation but, is an ongoing exercise to encourage specific activity in a business. If transformation is not ongoing, the business will more than likely struggle to maintain their BEE Score. This can be particularly evident in larger businesses.

Transformation, is the continuous implementation of a fair working environment. It is a team operating and evolving together side by side with a common goal and with black economic participation.

BEE transformation will help your business to appeal to Government Organs, State owned enterprises as well as local markets and private businesses. BEE compliance is a means to enhance your participation and become an industry leader in your own right.

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