BEE-Beneficial for Business

03 Mar BEE-Beneficial for Business

BEE is an extremely important economic policy which is integral to the country’s vision of creating a sustainable future for all citizens and promoting ethnic equality.

It is a process to promote a society whereby South Africans will be either employed or self-employed.
The BEE status of a business is not just about black ownership but, incorporates many other aspects such as employment equity, skills and enterprise development, corporate social investment as well as procurement.

There are many benefits for a company embracing and incorporating the BEE process. Here are just some of the reasons…
–    It is a means to safeguard your Company as business will not be lost to competitors in your business environment that have BEE status.
–    If applied and incorporated efficiently, you may be able to gain business from non-compliant competitor business entities.
–    Your business will be able to expand its client base to include government departments and state-owned entities.
–    With the promoting of skills development in your business, there will be more efficiency and increased productivity.

Let’s not forget that in the long term future there will be more active people participating in the economy which can help to create a prosperous future for all South Africans.

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