Employment Equity – A Pillar of BEE

03 Mar Employment Equity – A Pillar of BEE

Employment equity is one of the important key points or Pillars of BEE Implementation. It is also a means to measure the BEE Compliance of a business in relation to the BEE Codes of good Practice.

The purpose of Employment Equity is to encourage the advancement of black people so that there is an equal opportunity for all.

Each Business is encouraged to have a fair representation in the company’s employment according to the demographics of South Africa. This is a means to ensure not only equal opportunity but to diversify the work environment whilst judging people on their true abilities.

With a view to develop a diverse and inclusive culture within a business, Employment Equity is encouraged in Management positions including Middle and Junior management. Points will be allocated according to the level that each company reflects in terms of representation.

Compliance with BEE and Employment Equity legislation can be viewed as a complex program for businesses but, with the correct guidance a business can become fully compliant with the BEE Act and the EEA which could open up many opportunities for the company as well as its employees.

Governments aim is to ultimately encourage business to support transformation and democracy.

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