Guidance on BBBEE Codes

03 Mar Guidance on BBBEE Codes

Many Companies whether EME, QSE or Generic will have been relieved to have guidance from companies that are well versed in the mechanics of the codes and BEE legislation.

With the recently amended codes and government taking a more involved stance in BEE and its implementation, companies need to ensure that they are indeed getting the correct advice and guidance.

BBBEE is an evolving environment whereby many business decision makers will need to rely on the expertise of others to guide them on the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice. This will assist to promote both future business opportunities and confidence.

Incorrect BEE information based on limited knowledge of the codes will often cause inconveniences to the business and could also have far reaching effects. Business decision makers need to be aware of the benefits of guidance from a company that can offer solutions when it comes to BBBEE verification, planning, training and consulting. These companies will be able to share relevant and up to date BEE knowledge and they will be able to identify any areas that can be improved upon for future BBBEE opportunities.

A company with the correct guidance on their business classification will most certainly benefit when it comes to BEE and its implementation. There will be a clear understanding on how BEE works and which pillars of the scorecard must be implemented. This will be based on the turnover of the business involved. With correct guidance and training employers and employees will recognize the importance of the revised codes and how it affects the scoring process.

Guidance can assist in giving a business practical BEE knowledge as well as a pathway to business growth.

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