Is BEE Empowering South African Black Women?

03 Mar Is BEE Empowering South African Black Women?

Part of Governments plans for empowering the previously disadvantaged is encouraging businesses to not only deal with suppliers that are at least 50% black owned but suppliers that are at least 30% Black women owned as well.

Is this Empowering South African Black Women?

Companies are starting to support this element as it improves their BEE credentials and supports women who own small and medium enterprises. This promotes women with emerging enterprises who possibly have experienced many challenges in the pursuit of running a sustainable and successful business.

Black Women are now able to compete in business and build viable business relationships. In many instances bigger and well-known Companies are training black women owned suppliers so that there is a clear understanding of the procurement processes and necessary requirements. Increased management and ownership of companies by black women will help to promote new economic opportunities for both women and their employees.

The support of businesses owned by black women will play an important part in impacting the development of smaller businesses. This will lead to an investment of women in the future of the business supply chain, the economy and society as a whole.


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