Learnerships – An Investment in your Business

03 Mar Learnerships – An Investment in your Business

Companies have begun to implement learnerships within the business and are recognizing it as an investment. They are able to earn points for the skills development pillar in the current and amended codes. Skills development is one of 3 priority elements of the Revised BEE Codes of Good Practice and is seen as a key focus area in order to drive meaningful transformation in the country’s business environment.

QSE’S can earn 25 points and Generic entities 15 points in the current codes and 20 points in the revised codes. Skills development must be implemented to achieve the relevant BBBEE level.

Learnerships relate to learning programmes within the business itself that are recognised by a statutory or accredited body.

A business will earn points for learnerships based on expenditure for programmes as well as the number of people registered for the learnerships. This is calculated in comparison to the percentage of employees in the business. The revised codes allow for learnerships where unemployed black people are able to participate. The business will be able to claim tax rebates for their registered learnership expenditure. In some instances a business can apply for a discretionary grant for the learnership programme. Bonus points can be acquired if previously unemployed learners are integrated into the company after completing the learner-ship programme.

Learnerships expenditure can be seen as an investment in both your employees and your business. The training provided can add to productivity and profitability.

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