The National Development Plan and Private Sector Involvement

03 Mar The National Development Plan and Private Sector Involvement

It is hoped that the National Development Plan for South Africa will address many issues facing citizens by 2030. It is Governments goal to have an inclusive economy, which will enable both government and business leaders to solve many problems that are currently experienced at this point in South Africa.

The National Planning Commission was established in 2010 and is an advisory body of people drawn mainly from outside government. It has held meetings with industry leaders such as government, academics, industry bodies, unions, non-profit organizations, religious associations and the general public.

Recently business leaders approached government to be included in the Governments policy making. There has been agreement between business leaders and Government that if the NDP is to work effectively by 2030, the economy will have to grow substantially. There has been positive feedback regarding proposals made in the National development Plan.

The main Objectives of the NDP areā€¦

-Reduce the number of people who live in households with a monthly income below R419 per person

-Reduce inequality

There is a drastic need for quality education and ongoing projects to ensure that there are more people employed nationally. All Sectors of society cannot continue with business as usual and there is a change needed in the way that things have been actioned in the past.

The National Development Plan is not just a plan for Government sectors but, for the whole country. All sectors have been engaged to understand how they can contribute to the NDP and if need be, identify any obstacles that may prevent them from fulfilling their role.

The NDP has set out goals for reducing poverty, stimulating economic growth, economic transformation and the creation of much needed jobs. The private sector has an important role to play in achieving these objectives.

Leadership meetings will be held between government and business which will provide a dialogue to discuss the contribution of each sector to the NDP. Long-term planning and investment in the future is needed and government has stated that it is committed to the NDP but realizes the importance of private sector involvement too.

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